Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pink and Meaty (Like Turkey!)

Oh boy, it's time for the agonizing over what wine to serve with turkey again! What is it about turkey that makes us sweat the wine pairing? Is it just the combination of white and dark meat on the same carcass? The hefty weight of tradition, perhaps? Or, maybe it's just the anticipation of impending scrutiny. Will you serve the old standby Beaujolais Nouveau? Or, something more trendy, like a Pinot Noir? I cannot advise you in such delicate matters. In some cases, lives may be at stake.

Speaking of white meat/dark meat, last month in Sonoma County I tried a dry Rosé of Sangiovese. It kind of made me think of turkey actually: It had the firm richness of a Sangiovese, and the juiciness of a Rosé. Okay, time to talk turkey:

Alexander Valley Vineyard

Vintage: 2007
AVA: Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
Alcohol: 13.8%
Price: $12
Aromas: Peach, vanilla, amaretto
Flavors: Grapefruit zest, peach, melon

Would have liked to spend more time with this wine than I did but, there were about 50 others to taste. It has nice aromas, flavors and mouthfeel and I would definitely buy a bottle or four of this Rosé for a relaxed family gathering over an ecclectic holiday spread.


john witherspoon said...

woo, a Sangioves Rose, sounds nice. I wonder how it will pair with my ToFurkey??


Anonymous said...

i'm thinking a nice Boone's Farm Kiwi Strawberry would hit the spot.

dhonig said...

On Thanksgiving I usually find the smallest turkey I possibley can, then do a whole filet on the rotisserie. Everybody has an obligatory slice of the bird, the kids play with the drumsticks, then we get down to the meat, and a good rich red to go with it. There is no place on the table, alas, for a rose.

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