Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The last Toad Hollow we had was a tasty Russian River Merlot. It was a bit more pricey than the Cacophony Zin at $19.99, but it we enjoyed it.

We picked up this 2006 Paso Robles Zin in the bargain bin marked down to $11.99. Sometimes you take your chances with marked-down wine--it sounded like a deal. It definitely lived up to Zin name in terms of having lots of super-extracted red and black fruit flavors, and an equal share of black pepper. To the wine's credit, it didn't seem hot at all at 14.8% alcohol. However, I found the wine somewhat discordant--probably nothing a bold meal couldn't smooth out though. It was a bit of a cacophony in my tummy too, so dyspepsia may have dampened my review.


Steve B said...

I actually liked it and yes, this big, bold wine does need something to chow down with it. I think the marked-down bin paid off, especially because the wine shop takes good care of its wine. Sometimes wines make it to the bargain bin because they are old, sometimes it is just time to move the stock and get rid of the odds and ends.

john witherspoon said...

i have had this wine a couple of times and at the value price that it is, it goes great with pizza. Nothing too complex, but as you said B, you typical dark extracted fruit flavors and spiciness.
plus who doesn't love a frog on the label??

Taster B said...

...especially, a zany musician frog!