Tuesday, March 31, 2009

$10 Tuesday: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

Okay, I cheated this week because this wine is technically $12 but, most of us should be able to find this for a little less...

oops Cheeky Little White
Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2008
Growing Area: Valle Central, Chile
Alcohol: 13 %
Price: ~$12

Color: straw
Intensity: medium
Aromas: pear, grass, honeydew, blood orange
Flavors: melon, lemon, dust, allspice, granny smith
Body: viscous
Acidity: crisp
Sweetness: dry
Finish: moderate

Summary: This is not a bad Sauvignon Blanc at the SRP of $12 but, I'm pretty sure you can find it for closer to $10 which is even better. We tried this side by side with the 2008 Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc which is at the same price point and considerably more plonky tasting.

The oops Sauvignon Blanc has nice minerality, and good acidity (even when slightly warm). It's very dusty almost leaving a starchy coating similar to a green granny smith apple. We had this with a pork roast glazed with a honey-orange-lignonberry sauce. The tarragon and cardamom in the sauce complimented the wine nicely. This will be a very refreshing Sauvignon Blanc for summer 2009.


john witherspoon said...

I had this last night. It was good, especially at the price. I got a lot of grass and even some typical New Zealand cat pee on the nose even though this is from Chile. My only complaint was that the acidity really fell off at the end/finish, after being so nice across the mid palate.
Nice write up!

Taster B said...

Yeah, I found the acidity fell off depending on the food too, but other than that, I really liked the grass on this one.

john witherspoon said...

i always knew you were into the grass B! haha I mean you are from Santa Cruz. ;P

Taster B said...

:P You mean all those freshly mowed softball fields in Santa Cruz? Yeah, takes me back!

Anonymous said...

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