Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From relative obscurity to total oblivion

Hello friends, followers, and random observers. As you may have guessed, the time has finally come to publicly announce the end of Smells Like Grape. It's been a long time coming, though it has been a kick to watch the blog statistics maintaining the same traffic trends we peaked at a year ago week after postless week. Fascinating as that has been, I think we've reached the limit of stat-watching's entertainment value.

My thanks go out to everyone we met along the way through this blog. It has been a lot of fun meeting you all and learning new things. I hope our paths will cross again many times--preferably with wine (no offense, you're great straight. We love you). Okay, without further hoopla, I prepare to click "Publish Post." Gotta do it quick before I change my mind (again).

So long and thanks for all the wine.


Richard Auffrey said...

Sorry to see the two of you ending matters. I wish you both much luck in whatever new path you choose. Hope to still see you around at local wine tastings.


Taster B said...

Thank you Richard! I'm sure we'll see you around the 'hood!

winehiker said...

Heartbroken I am. Miss you we shall. Force be with you always may the!

Taster B said...

thank you I do. Around see you we shall!

Sherril said...

OH NO, I just found you, bookmarked you, only to find that you are closing blog shop. What a disappointment. I hope the blog will remain at blogger, as I had planned to check it now and again when shopping for wine.

Chin Chin


Taster B said...

Ahh...sorry to disappoint Sherril. Thanks for your kind words! Fortunately, there are some good wine blogs out there to fill the void we will leave. ;-)

I always like as a place to scan all the recent wine blog activity.


Sonadora said...

Sorry to see you guys go :(

We'll always have WBC 1 Roomie!

Taster B said...

Thanks Megan :) WBC 1 will always be the first and the best!

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