Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Cabernet Credits" at The Vineyard, Andover, MA

This just came in from our friends at The Vineyard in North Andover, Ma. Please support them in their effort to help save two tons of glass from going to the landfill. We first wrote about The Vineyard in January.

Now you can earn "Cabernet Credits" Feb. 22- April 22 and help save Mother Earth while you're at it.

Now anybody who knows me real well also knows that I'm not a real tree hugger. But I do believe that if you have something good and can conserve it well, that's a good thing.

And so as we come up on the 38th anniversary of the first Earth Day, I was thinking about what The Vineyard could do to help conserve this wonderful planet. And then it came to me: Everybody's talking about "Carbon Credits", but what the world really needs are "Cabernet Credits".

So today I'm announcing The Vineyard's Cabernet Credits Campaign. It's a new twist on a program that we've run successfully in the past. The difference this time is that we have a specific goal in mind: we want to save 2 tons of landfill by recycling 2400 empty wine bottles between now and Earth Day, April 22nd.

The program starts today and the concept is relatively simple:

* You have empty wine bottles
* You bring them to The Vineyard (limit: 12 bottles per day)
* We give you a $1 credit for each bottle you bring in
* You use the credits to lower your cost per bottle by a buck.
* Whatever credits you don't use can be saved and used until April 30th.
* We recycle your wine bottles.
* Everybody, including Mother Earth, makes out.

It's our small effort to save the earth one wine bottle at a time.

For all of the details, please see our online Press Release.

Please join us in our effort to recycle 2400 Wine bottles by Earth Day!

Bill Dwyer
The Vineyard
554 Turnpike St. (Rt. 114)
North Andover, MA 01845


Farley said...

That's a great idea. More enticing than my simply asking customers to bring their boxes back on the next winery visit (for a refill hopefully). It's a win-win wine situation. Help the earth and encourage sales!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great idea! Please share this idea in the "wineries" and "wine retailers" groups on openwineconsortium.org. I'd love to see more of us jump on the bandwagon and take an even bigger role in reducing our industry's carbon footprint!