Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wine Cabinet Purchase Update

Well, the VinoView wine cabinet has been installed in our living room/study for about 3 weeks now, so I just wanted to post a quick update on our satisfaction so far.

It is advertised as a 35 bottle wine cabinet, and it does in fact hold 35 bottles!

Temperature Control
So far, we've found the contents are kept at a consistant temp within a +/-1.5 degree F variation from top to bottom. The technology is capable of both cooling and heating but the unit's documentation doesn't specify whether such a configuration is in place. Only way to find out would be to open all the doors and windows and, uh...not gonna happen.

Noise Factor
The unit is quiet. I can hear it run if I listen for it but, normally, I don't hear it. The fan on our furnace in the basement drowns out any noise that the wine cabinet might make. In other words, the ambient noise in our apartment is higher on the decibel scale than the wine cabinet.

For the sake of objective review, I will outline the slight drawbacks of this unit. For us, these are hardly worth mentioning but, they might be important considerations for some:


  1. Wire shelfing is a bit tight: Have to be careful not to scratch labels.
  2. Interior accent LED lights cannot be turned on/off: Thank you Monkuwino for pointing out what was in our owner's manual all along!
  3. No dual-zone temperature control: Again, not an issue for us. This is first and foremost a wine storage unit and if we need to bring down the temperature of a bottle before serving it, we've got a device for that.
  4. No self-leveling feet: Being that we are in a 150+ year old building, the lack of adjustable feet is kind of a bummer but, we just used some shims.

So far we are happy with our purchase. We will post future updates should any issues arise.


john witherspoon said...

very nice
Looks like you had no problems filling that one up.


MonkuWino said...

Very nice storage unit! Regarding the light on the door that doesn't turn off: I was reading the reviews on Wine Enthusiast and one reviewer said the same thing. WE's reply was that there is a switch on the bottom of the door, so take a look and see if that is true or not.

Taster B said...

Monkuwino: Well I'll be damned! There IS a switch under the door for the accent lights!! I have updated this posting accordingly. :)

Jack at Fork & Bottle said...

It is advertised as a 35 bottle wine cabinet, and it does in fact hold 35 bottles!

A miracle! The one I used in Florida, 10-12 years ago, was a 240 bottle one. It held 180. If you remove 3/4 of the shelves and make it nearly impossible to extract most bottles, you could get 240 in.

wine cabinet said...

very nice cabinet

Taster B said...

The subject of this post kicked the bucket on or around 12/18/11, so it lasted almost 4 years.

Tried a new fuse but the circuit board is fried. Can't totally blame the unit since our vintage wiring is prone to surges.