Friday, May 23, 2008

Things are up in the air.

Taster B is making pizza. What do you have with pizza? Chianti Classico! And we found a nice Chianti Classico a few months ago at Salem Wine Imports. It was in short supply as it was sold out on the tasting night.

Solatione is located in the heart of Chianti Classico region. The winery gets its name from the great exposition of the sun. The Vineyard is thirteen hectares, family owned and operated since 1972. Until 1991 the wine was sold to other vintners but in 1992 Fabio and Francesca (brother and sister) decided to bottle their own wines. The Chianti Classico is aged in Slovenic oak barrels for 12/16 months. This wine was definitely very delicious, well structured and firm tannins and very Sangiovese.

The Slovenian barrels add a very smooth and distinctive structure to the wine. It will not impart oak and smoke to the wine, but give it nice aging and balance. This is great, because for my money, when I want Sangiovese, I want a nice berry wine with floral components. That is why I like this wine.

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G

Vintage: 2004
Alcohol: 13.5
Price: $20.99

Color: Ruby Red
Intensity: Medium
Aromas: Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, olive, smoked meat, floral
Flavors: Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate, cassis, tar, stone, mineral, anise,
Body: medium
Acidity: crisp and tart
Sweetness: dry
Tannins: suede
Finish: moderately long

Summary: We’ve talked about the difference between Chianti and Chianti Classico. This is a very berry forward wine grown in a hot region. What stands this wine apart from other Sangiovese wines we have had is the mineral, the brightness and the tartness. I’m enjoying a one ounce pour prior to dinner while I write this post. Yes you should have food with wine, pizza wasn’t the best of pairings. The wine wasn’t full bodied enough. But so what??? It’s a good bottle and I’m glad we go it.


Richard A. said...

I'll second the recommendation for this wine. It is another excellent wine from the portfolio of Adonna Imports.