Friday, May 16, 2008

Tribute to a California Wine Icon

Robert Mondavi, wine maker, businessman, and philanthropist died today at the age of 94. Following the lead of Dr. Debs, we decided to open a Robert Mondavi wine tonight in his honor.

We lifted a glass of Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2006 Pinot Noir, and it was a pleasant surprise. It was very food friendly and went just wonderfully with chicken fajitas. You wouldn't expect much from a $12 Pinot Noir, and while this wine is somewhat hollow in the mid-palate and doesn't sport a long finish, it is balanced and true-to-type. The nose displays nice aromas of cherry, raspberry, and herbs, with cherry, allspice, and anise on the palate. Overall, an enjoyable table wine which aligns with Mondavi's philosophy of wine as a meal enhancement.

Incidentally, there is a nice Robert Mondavi tribute up on Appellation America that was only posted 10 days ago while he was still in the realm of "living legend."