Saturday, June 7, 2008


I picked up this little number for my love of Grenache. I think we paid seven or eight bucks for the bottle. This is the bottle from whence the featured cork of Thursday last came. The wine is 2006 Almira Los Dos.

2006 Almira LosDos "Old Vines"

Grenache 85% Syrah 15%
Campo de Borja
Alcohol: 14%

Aromas: Pomegranate, fig/apricot, vanilla, black currant, wet stone
Flavors: Pomegranate, fig, bread

Summary: Medium-bodied with great color, this easy-drinking wine offers a delightful change of pace from the everyday while still being an everyday wine. Deliciously fruity on the nose, with bright pomegranate and golden fig-to-apricot aromas (figricot). Refreshing and dry on the palate--a great summer red.

I've seen mixed reviews of past vintages of Almira Grenache blends but I think 2006 is worth a look. It's certainly quaffable and would do fine with burgers, but this figgy wine would also shine with more thoughtful pairings such as lamb and grilled vegetables. We paired it with what we'll call tapas in keeping with the Spanish theme (aka: antipasti) including olive tapenade, marinated artichoke hearts and cheeses.