Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Impressions: Bart Park 2005 Merlot

Oh, goodness! Here we are sucking down this bottle thinking we already posted on it but, in fact, we did a post on the 2004, not the 2005!
I don't have a lot to say about this Merlot, and maybe it's that I just learned this word but, I'm going to say it's got the umami goin' on. Actually, why describe it in words when imagery can capture it's essence so much better? (Kudos Chateau Petrogasm for cornering the market on tasting notes through images--sheer genius.) So, I did do a cursory check for a photo of like Xena or Sheena in a freshly tanned cowhide brassiere but, wouldn't you know, I didn't find anything. So, I came up with a slightly different concept...

(Taster A let me use his big-boy camera to shoot this pic)


Roland Hulme said...

I have awarded your blog a very well deserved prize for being great.