Monday, August 4, 2008

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get out of the Packie

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We received a phone call from our neighbor. “There is a package for you down stairs”. We couldn’t figure out what it could be because neither one of us had ordered anything. It turned out to be a shipment from a wine club…in mid summer??? What are they thinking?

Later that evening, we decided to take a walk. We were strolling by the local packie and decided to see if we could find something suitable for next week’s Wine Blog Wednesday. We walked into the store and much to our disappointment, it was just as hot inside as it was outside.

Both of these practices are perilous to wine. Shipping wine by common carrier in the middle of summer is asinine. Having an inventory of four thousand wines and not running the air conditioner because of some foolish sense of economy is jut plain backward thinking.

Tip of the day. Stop by the places where you buy wine on a hot summer day. If the climate is not controlled properly, stop buying wine there. Period. No reputable wine merchant will sell spoiled wine.

Read more about how to tell if your wine has been cooked.

9 Aug 08
Post Script. We decided to bake a pizza last night and opened a bottle of the wine shipped to us last week from one of our clubs. What we are experienced was that the wine had an okay nose, but tastes rather flawed. What we get is a week fruit behind the tannins, the oak is there but then the finish dies off leaving a bitter center palate. Yup, it’s cooked.