Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twitter and the New Tasting Sensation!

Wine bloggers have been tweeting their wine tasting notes on Twitter ever since Tim at Winecast put out the call to "Twitter your tasting notes with me" in March 2007. Recently, Bin Ends Wine has taken the concept of tasting note tweeting to the next level: Twitter Taste Live is an organized tasting event in which wine bloggers and enthusiasts from around the world pop the cork on a predetermined wine selection and hop on Twitter to tweet their real-time impressions on the third Thursday of the month!

We are very excited to be joining the fun in the upcoming Twitter Taste Live #2 this Thursday August 21st! We will be tasting/tweeting on a selection of Hugel wines and in addition to several wine bloggers from around the world, Etienne Hugel himself will be joining the event from Alsace!

Check out the Bin Ends Wine site for details on this month's Twitter Taste Live wine & blogger line-up.


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