Saturday, January 19, 2008

Zero Manipulation Red Table Wine 2005

(c)2008 SmellsLikeGrape The 2005 vintage of the small lot Zero Manipulation is 87% Carignane from the Wildvirfe Vineyard; 8% Mourvedre from the Norton Ranch; and 5% Petite Sirah from the West Vineyard. Wondering how they got this stuff into Massachusetts without the alcohol content on the label..? It is labeled "Red Table Wine" so I guess it must be around 14%.

First thing to hit me upon sticking my nose in the glass is cherry: Black cherry...cherry pie. Get a little vanilla too, and some allspice. Let me check again: Ah! Yes!

...Black cherry.

Now for a sip: There's some leather. I hate to use this word but, I have to say it is chewy. Good acidity and adequate tannins. Also get some herbal/woody notes. Namely rosemary.

This wine confounds me--it seems so interesting and yet terribly simple. Taster A is over here getting all sorts of black/red fruit, mineral and herbs. I feel content to wallow in the cherry...Oh wait, now I'm getting it: It's like something you picked out of the garden that still has some dirt on it--fruit in the middle with mineral around the outside. The nose on this wine has a sultry phase after about 15 minutes in the glass (smells like warm skin). Now we are getting some eucalyptus. Taster A is getting menthol and blueberry jam: Yep, I can see that.

So, time for our wildly original food pairing of homemade pizza. The wine keeps on being what it is throughout the meal despite liberal use of red pepper flakes. Taster A quips "it could hold it's own in a rochambeau contest." Yes, it could. Don't let the cherry fool you: This is a serious mother-father of a wine.

My feeling is that it's a steal at $13.99 and that it's probably a tad young but certainly enjoyable right now.

(c)2008 SmellsLikeGrape Zero Manipulation
Red Table Wine (blend)
Peterson Winery
Alcohol: ?
Price: $13.99


Taster A said...

Please note; no jackalopes were killed for this photo shot. What you see is a mule deer antler that was dropped behind my house when I lived in Boulder, CO.