Friday, September 12, 2008

Mendoza Bonarda

This wine really threw me for a loop. We originally purchased it at a South American wine tasting last winter at a local wine shop. We had tasted it at that time and found it's most notable characteristic to be floral aromas. Opening the bottle last night, floral was the least notable attribute--in fact it didn't even get noted. After two days, I still find it almost impossible to characterize this wine.

The ruby red color is impenetrable. The nose is slightly garish at first. The taste is unexpected--leather and chocolate in stark contrast to the cherry Ludens nose. The body is aqueous. The texture is unctuous. Overall, the impression this wine gives is very misterioso.

Colonia Las Liebres 2005

Grape Variety: Bonarda
Region: Mendoza, Argentina
Alcohol: 13.4%
Price: $9.99
Aromas: Blackberry, blueberry, mint, smoked meat, almond
Flavors: Leather, chocolate, raspberry, cola

Summary: An interesting and dynamic combination of flavor and texture. What it lacks in elegance it makes up for with exoticness. It's sort of El Mariachi meets Mia Wallace meets Hopsalot. A little bit wrong in that kitschy hip kind of way where wrong is so right.


Anonymous said...

just give me some of that stuff that comes in a box :)!D.H.!!!