Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saucy Pouilly-Fuisse

We tasted a 2006 Rijckaert Pouilly-Fuisse recently that provided a surprising twist. On the nose were of course, melon, wet stone, and a bit of butter and, there was something else there too...bacon?
But, it was in tasting this wine that expectations were turned on their heads: Béarnaise. Pure unadulterated Béarnaise sauce. So, what is Béarnaise? Well, it's a sauce comprised of eggs, tarragon, and vinegar. Perhaps, this wine exhibited a touch of lemon too which technically would be more of a Hollandaise. A very rich, and very meaty white wine, even for a Chardonnay. Not a fan of buttery chards? Well, I would suggest trying the Rijckaert Pouilly-Fuisse regardless just for this unique (and yummy) taste sensation.


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