Tuesday, December 16, 2008

$10 Tuesday: California Viognier

A lot of people are asking for good wines under $10 these days and we want to give the people what they want! Hopefully, we will be able to find some good values without sacrificing on quality...

So far, so good with this Cline 2007 California Viognier. When wine is classified as "California" the grapes can be a blend from growing areas all over the state so maybe this isn't going to be a preemo example of terroir but, what do you expect for ten bucks!?

The nose is a burst of blossomy orange blossom, pear, and a hint of grapefruit zest and butter. It has a nice richness of viscosity yet refreshing acidity. It also has a pleasant amount of sweetness while still seeming relatively dry.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed sipping this wine even on a cold December night! Of course, the true test of wine is how it stands up to food and it passed the test there as well. Excellent with cheese and crackers or lighter fare such as poultry or fish. Definitely an enjoyable wine for any time of year.


Region: California
Vintage: 2007
Alcohol: 14%
Price: $10
Aromas: orange blossom, pear, grapefruit zest, butter
Flavors: floral, apple, pear, citrus

Three cheers for saving money!!


john witherspoon said...

sounds good B. I have enjoyed Cline's Zins in the past but haven't yet tried the Viognier. I'll put it on the shopping list.

Also since you are in the mood for giving people what they want... I would like a million dollars. :)


Taster B said...

ha-HA! You have to get in line behind 1WineDude--he wants me to give him a Lexus.
BTW, I would like nothing better than to be in a position to give away Lexus's and millions. ;-)