Monday, March 3, 2008

A Good Blogger Tip: David Coffaro Escuro

We read a lot of wine blogs yet, oddly, we rarely purchase the wines that our fellow bloggers recommend. It's not that the reviews aren't intriguing, it's just that either a) I'll never remember the name b) I'd have to order it and get it shipped to relatives in a neighboring state or c) my wine cabinet is already full. Oh, and d) we want to experiment and post blog entries about new wines!

However, last time we were at the Vineyard, we spotted a bottle from David Coffaro which we recognized from a post by Dr. Debs on Coffaro Winery futures. We are not in a place where we are going to be buying wine on futures but, this bottle was there, and we were there so we said "let's try it!"

David Coffaro
Escuro California Red Table Wine
90% 2004 10% 2003
Lodi: 30% Alvarelhão & 12% Touriga Nacional
Dry Creek Valley: 40% Cab Sauvignon, 11% Petite Sirah & 7% Zinfandel
Production: 220 Cases
Alcohol: 13.9%
Price: $24.99

I don't know when I've ever taken a whiff of a red wine where the first aroma to hit me was bread before this wine. Bread, and then some vanilla, and some strawberry, and then chocolate, and then hay. On the palate we get some strawberry, then metal (first sip), and then a longish finish with cinnamon/allspice and chocolate.

I like the balance of this wine: It's lush but not overly fruity. It's dessert-like but not sweet, and it's warm but not hot.

The image that comes to mind drinking this wine is a strawberry, dusted in cinnamon and toasted over a fire on a metal skewer like a marshmallow, and then right as you're about to pop it in your mouth, it slides off the skewer into the ashes for a second. The other image that comes to mind is the Benzinger vineyard in Sonoma for some reason (just throwing that out there).

You don't need to eat food with this wine but, I had it with some chicken and it worked. Let's face it: When is the last time you made prime rib or duck at home to go with your wine? I don't want to have to drink white wine every Sunday just because I'm having chicken. Chicken goes with everything (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) I also had it with chocolate--that worked too.

By the way, if you are interested in the 2004 David Coffaro Estate Cuvee, check out A Passionate Foodie's review.


Richard A. said...

Thanks for the mention. I am a big fan of the Coffaro wines and they can sometimes be found locally. Wine Gallery in Brookline used to stock them regularly but I have not been there recently.

Dr. Debs said...

Glad you liked it. I think it would be great with chicken, but I love my chicken with red wine. Just goes to show you: chicken's not just for chardonnay any more. :)

Taster B said...

Richard: Haven't been to Wine Gallery yet--another one for the list!

Debs: We will have no problems with El Jefe's WBW Wine with Chicken theme! Unless he picks the breakfast theme...hmmm, maybe waffles w/ fried chicken. :)

Richard A. said...

The Wine Gallery is cool. They have those Enomatic machines that dispense wine samples. You get a free card at the store, good for 20points, and then use them on the machine. Some places charge for the Eno but the Wine Gallery does not.

naomi said...

If you like Escuro try Block4! It's stunningly good. I've been a huge fan of Coffaro for years. Great value and consistency. Plus they're just nice people to visit.

Matt said...

I am Matt from David Coffaro Winery and want to say that I am glad that you enjoyed our 2004 Escuro (though not really a vintage wine). The 2008 Escuro is just about to be bottled up and is different and delicious. Try to find Mounts Winery as well or if out here stop by them, they are great winemakers too

ed west said...

I was just up there for the release party and to pick up my cases of futures. We also went to Mounts. Very good wine. Almost all the wine from that area is outstanding but the Caffaro futures is the way to go.