Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WBW #43 Comfort Wine

This month’s theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday is Comfort Wines. (yay!) It sounds like our busy host is due for some indulgence in comfort and relaxation with a new baby and launching OpenWine Consortium in the same month--Whew! So, here’s to our host Joel—Cheers!

[Attention Grammar Police: The following post is rife with incongruous parenthetical comments, ellipses, and creative grammar. That’s how I communicate. Try to roll with it.]

So, what wine do I like to unwind with? It doesn’t really matter what wine, as long as it’s what I’m in the mood for, although, most likely it is red and contains some Cabernet Sauvignon.

This is where I like to unwind; in my kitchen (as pictured above in the moonlight) with Taster A of course. We’ll sit here in the evening, each with our glass of wine, and swirl – sniff – swirl - sniff. Actually, "sniff" isn’t quite accurate; it sounds too dainty…

The Art of the Nasal Pull
Its not unlike Tai Chi actually: A deep inhalation in through the nose, then exhale out through the mouth.

“…all the way out…just let all the tension and worries of the day go as you exhale...” aaahhhhhh (a line from my Tai Chi DVD)

Actually, when I'm all stressed out, I need to unwind with some form of exercise before sitting down with a glass of wine. I like to be in a good mood when I crack open a bottle.

[Warning: The following paragraph contains sci-fi references of a geeky nature. Reader discretion is advised]

I definitely enjoy a good 'sniffing wine'. I find a good nose on a wine can be more intoxicating than drinking the wine itself. Sometimes when I dip my nose below the rim of a glass of wine it’s like putting a hand through the veil (and here I have a vague recollection of an episode of the Twilight Zone) into a different dimension.

“A dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity...”

…and, yes, when I am relaxing with a great comfort wine, these are the kind of thoughts that go through my mind.


Dale Cruse said...

Great read! I chose the Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc at: