Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wine Travel Survey Results

Back in January we posted a survey that asked the question:
You've just won a lifetime world-wide Wine Country travel pass: Where do you go first?

Burgundy and Tuscany tied for the top spots--each taking roughly 20% of the votes. Actually, Tuscany pulled ahead by a nose at the last minute. Piedmont took the number three spot with New Zealand a close fourth. [47 respondents]

What does this mean you ask? Who knows.

The truth is, I was thinking about planning an Italian wine trip, so I posted the survey to see what destinations were popular among our blog visitors. Turns out that it's kind of all over the map (literally). Surprisingly, no one picked California. Or maybe not surprisingly, since the question did imply that you would be able to take all the trips you want and this was simply a survey of what your first desination would be if cost wasn't a factor.

I guess the survey should have also asked "Why?" Is it for the wine, or the place itself? I enjoy Italian wine almost as much as Taster A but, when it comes to traveling to Italy, it would be as much for the place and the experience as for the wine. If I were to pick a region to visit soley for the wine and furthering my wine education, it would have to be France. Not just Burgundy, or Bordeaux but a good three to four weeks in each Appellation...Not gonna happen, and sadly, neither is the trip to Italy this year as we later discovered we'll have to take vacation time in summer instead of spring. California, here I come (right back where I started from).

We are considering a short trip to the Finger Lakes in New York in April. Any good tips on where to go/where to stay?


Diane Letulle said...

If you wait until the weather is warmer, there are beautiful places to camp in the area (if that's your thing). Just south of the Finger Lakes near Ithaca, we loved Buttermilk Falls. We enjoyed combining a weekend of hiking and wine touring.

Sonadora said...

We are back to CA as well. Italy is calling my name, but that exchange rate is making my bank account balk at the mere mention of such a trip! Good thing I love CA wines!

Taster B said...

Diane: Oh, I was afraid someone was going to mention waiting for warmer weather! It's true though--I've been going back and forth on whether to go to upstate NY in April or wait until summer...

Sonadora: I know! I'm so jealous! We might get out to CA later this year. I hear ya on the exchange rate too. That was the final nail in the coffin of our hopes for a trans-Atlantic trip.