Sunday, October 5, 2008

Follow up to Taster B's wines of the year.

This is a follow up to Taster B's Wines of the Year.

Wow, it was a whirl-wind year. It is amazing how time flies when you drinking good wine. We started out laying down a format in October and took a trip out to Sonoma. We’ve visited some great wine shops, hit up a few packies and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

The economy has raised hell with our travel plans. Plant shutdowns have forced me to vacation at odd times, thus we will not be vacationing together for a while. The ramifications are that we did not visit as many wineries as we planned and it looks like that will be true for this year also.

What are my favorites? Since we have zero brand loyalty in this house, my criteria was simple…how much of a lasting impression did the wine make. This is a quality, not a quantity so there are no numbers here, no “this wine was true to the varietal” or anything that high church.

Leonetti Sangiovese 2003 We had so many great Italian wines. I’m a big Sangiovese fan and I love good Italian wine. This was one of my favorites.

Boony Doon 2005 Ferraris Piemonteses Blend We tasted this at Bonny Doon Vineyard last year. This wine was unique and different. I was able to sense flavors and aromas that I’ve never found in a wine before. It gave me the confidence that I really could do this blog thing.

Château Pesquié Terrasses 2007 This wine was reminiscent of the Rosé wines I used to drink before the White Zinfandel scourge damaged the image of Rosé seemingly beyond repair.

Jewell Towne Vineyards Traminette It was a tossup between this, the Seyval and Aurore. Maybe it was the lobster paring that tipped the scales? Clinton Vineyards produces excellent Seyval also.

Proprietá Sperino Uvaggio 2005 I agree with Taster B. This was the most memorable wine of the year.