Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gary V. Upstaged at WBC?

Yeah, that title is sensationalized--I do that sometimes. I actually have to give props to Gary Vaynerchuk for flying out to Sonoma for the Wine Bloggers Conference on his own time (think he was in the area for one day) to give a keynote to us rabble rowsers. His actions truly are as inspiring as his words (if not more). He's just a hard, hard worker, bottom line.

That being said, I'm afraid this video by Tim Zahner stole the show, just a little bit. Check it out. (Warning: If you've never watched Wine Library TV, you won't get it)


john witherspoon said...

that video was funny as crap!! I am glad he put it up on you tube. Thanks for the link. :)

Taster B said...

Haha! I watched it again sober. Still pretty funny, but it looses something. ;)

InsideSonoma said...

Hey all- thanks for coming! I thought about filming it again sober, but I'll let it stand as is.


Dirty said...

Thanks for posting this- Very Funny and really well done!