Friday, October 3, 2008

Montagny: The Gateway Chard

We got to try this wine thanks to our wine shop owner friend. It was a sample that he decided not to carry--mostly because he's not a big fan of buttery chards. I thought it was quite good despite evident oak. Don't let the butter scare you though: It's not a Cali butter-bomb.

Montagny 1er Cru

Producer: J.M. Boillot
Vintage: 2006
Appellation: Montagny, Burgundy
Price: ~$23
Aromas: Banana/pear oil, oak, marzipan, orange blossom
Flavors: Lemon zest, oak, butter

Summary: Do you have friends or family who are reluctant to diversify away from their California Chardonnay? Have your attempts expand their horizons been met with turned up noses? Don't despair. Here's is an excellent gateway wine that will get them out of their comfort zones completely comfortably! If you don't show them the bottle, chances are good that they won't even realize how far they've strayed.